To Be The Best Independent Laboratory
To Be The Best Independent Laboratory
Anchored in Hong Kong as the base, KingMed Diagnostics (Hong Kong) Limited is to radiate to S.E. Asia regions.
KingMed Diagnostics

The Golden Mile inspection headquarters is located in Guangzhou, the deep accumulation of the core management team since 1994 to explore the medical inspection outsourcing service based, was formally established in 2003 Guangzhou Jinyu Medical Inspection Center Co. Ltd., mainly to carry out medical inspection, clinical testing, food hygiene inspection and identification of our business. Set up 33 medical laboratory in China mainland and Hongkong, has won the "China medical health industry the most investment value of enterprises," 21 TOP10 "future star China - most of the growth of emerging enterprises", "Forbes China enterprises" and many other awards, and approved the establishment of medical testing technology with the service of national local joint engineering laboratory, National Demonstration Center for gene detection technology application and post doctoral scientific research workstation.

As our country by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and ISO15189 accredited medical inspection agency, the Golden Mile test will always clinical needs in the first place, through the introduction of medical laboratory technology, international advanced service concept, overseas high-end talent discipline and independent innovation, build the core technology system, is currently available in more than 2200 test items for clinical and scientific research, is one of the medical institutions inspection items than the whole China; now provide outsourcing services to medical examination of more than 19 thousand medical institutions, 40 million cases were detected in recent years, covering more than 90% of the population in the region, the inspection report issued by the global more than and 50 countries and regions recognized by headquarters; large area, the provincial center of laboratory and laboratory rapid response four outlets, the home service network extends to the township and community level , 80% of the inspection report can be issued within 24 hours; has integrated intensive supply, laboratory construction and management consulting services in one, to become the leading provider of inspection and pathology solutions provider.

Relying on a nationwide service network, quality inspection and testing data of huge capacity, innovation put forward the "Golden Mile inspection inspection +" development strategy, build test platform upgrade, to achieve cross-border ecosystem integration: targeting medicine, continue cultivating medical examination and the upstream and downstream industry chain; dig the test data, and establish sharing refer to the application platform of biomedical data, actively explore a new model of the Internet, mobile medical; at the same time, in the judicial identification, clinical trials, health, food and other products, makeup Yaonong detection of cold chain logistics and other aspects, and strive to provide health services for more integration testing.

KingMed Diagnostics (Hong Kong) Limited In association with Thomas Medical Laboratory
  • 1976-Thomas Medical Laboratory
    1976-Thomas Medical Laboratory
    Established in 1976, Thomas Medical Laboratory (TML) has been serving Hong Kong community with care, passion and professionalism. TML is committed to providing medical diagnostic testing for General Practitioners, Medical Specialists, Medical Groups, Insurance Companies, Corporate clients and Non-Government Organizations; with best quality, accuracy and timely report turnaround. TML is a comprehensively equipped medical laboratory offering a wide range of diagnostic and health screening tests to doctors, patients and customers.
  • 2003 - KingMed Diagnostics
    2003 - KingMed Diagnostics
    Established in 2003 in Guangzhou, as a third-party medical laboratory group with the strongest comprehensive strength, largest size and fastest development speed in China, KingMed Diagnostics is mainly engaged in 4 major businesses including medical testing, clinical trials, food and hygiene testing, and scientific research service. It has 33 provincial-level central laboratories in nearly 30 cities in China (including Hong Kong) which can undertake more than 2,200 testing items as well as provide medical test outsourcing services for over 19,000 medical institutions in 30 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions, special administrative region), covering 90% of the population area, strive to become the first supplier for clinical testing and pathology holistic solution in China. It was awarded several honors containing "China Top 10 Most Valuable Enterprise of Medical Health Industry", "21 Future Stars - China's Emerging Enterprise with The Fastest Growth", Forbes’s "Chinese Potential Enterprises", and also approved to establish a national post-doctoral scientific research practice base. KingMed Diagnostics is the first third-party independent medical laboratory in China to have won recognized accreditation by both College of American Pathologists (CAP) and ISO15189, the testing reports issued by KingMed are accepted by more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Please visit for more information.
  • 2008 - ISO15189
    2008 - ISO15189
    Since 2008, Thomas Medical Laboratory has been ISO15189 accredited under Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HKOLAS) in medical laboratory testing. We offer the best quality and customized services to doctors, patients and other customers.
  • 2011 - Acquisition
    2011 - Acquisition
    Thomas Medical Laboratory now trading as Ausmed Immuno Diagnostic Services (AIDS) Ltd was acquired by KingMed Diagnostics from Guangzhou in 2011.
  • 2014 - KingMed Diagnostics (HK) Ltd.
    2014 - KingMed Diagnostics (HK) Ltd.
    KingMed Diagnostics (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 2014. 
  • 2016 - New Central Laboratory
    2016 - New Central Laboratory
    Aligning with the mission of the mother company for being the best independent laboratory in private sector, a new central medical testing laboratory of 12,500 sq. ft. at Kwun Tong is built in May 2016. 
    The new central laboratory is equipped with the most advanced instruments such as Roche’s latest Laboratory Automation System in Biochemistry and Immunology, Sysmex’s XN Hematology system, Abbott’s and Qiagen’s real time PCR systems as well as a sophisticated Laboratory Information System (LIS); which all contribute to facilitate the reporting of laboratory testing results in high accuracy and shortest possible time.  
    An efficient logistic team is also established, covering Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories to serve specimen pickup and report delivery. In addition, electronic reports are also available on request. Conclusively, we support our doctors in diagnosis and treatment of diseases for the best care of their patients in a timely manner.
    Six specimen collection centres are established in Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Kwun Tong and Tsuen Wan for the convenience of the patients and customers. More will be established in accordance with the demand in the future. We have aligned with imaging service providers as business partners at Mong Kok, Central, Tsim Sha Tsui and Tsuen Wan for provision of one-stop-shop medical services. 
    As KingMed Diagnostics is dedicated to providing the most accurate diagnostics medical testing to Hong Kong and South East Asia Communities, vast capital investments in I.T. and equipment of most advanced technologies such as Mass Spectrometry and Next Generation Sequencing are planned in the near future. A new R&D Centre is setup in Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks for the development of advance medical tests.

KingMed Hong Kong is providing you with stimulating challenges and a competitive rewards package of compensation and benefits.

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University Programs
KingMed has been focused on university-industry collaboration to improve the R&D capability. Until now, KingMed has been built an effective cooperation with academic researchers from Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Tung Wah College. We believe that our partnership with universities can increase our added value, productivity and competitiveness, and help the academic innovations come true.